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HEPA Certified: Greater than 99.994% efficiency

New Threats Require an Innovative Solution


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Our offices, staff and patients are under attack. COVID-19 (and future strains) are exposing weaknesses in the current standard of care. The Coronavirus is easily transmitted through moisture droplets and our offices are not adequately equipped to trap pathogenic aerosols, blood, saliva and splatter.

Perio Dome provides the solution. 



THE PERIO DOME is An American made  AEROSOL Reduction DEVICE THAT ACTS AS A PROTECTIVE SHIELD and a Vacuum to trap potential pathogenic aerosols, blood, saliva, and dental splatter.

What is Perio Dome?

  The transparent dome allows excellent visualization for the dentist, hygienist, and assistant. The dome shape allows enough room for instrumentation and dental suction lines and provides a noise cancelling acoustic experience for the patient. It is easily maneuvered over the patient and it rotates and tilts to the desired position.


The Dome in essence is AN AEROSOL HOOD WHICH HOVERS OVER THE PATIENT. THE Clear DOME is highly transparent and has a VACUUM attached with a certified HEPA filter (99.99%). The vacuum WILL EVACUATE THE AEROSOLS AND debris PRODUCED BY MOST DENTAL PROCEDURES. The larger water droplets will also hit the inside of the dome and not land on patients or staff.

Features & Benefits

Certified HEPA Filtration & Vacuum System

The Perio Dome features a custom dual layer HEPA filtration and vacuum system while capturing 99.994% of harmful aerosols, including COVID-19.

Our HEPA testing facility

Pleasant Patient Experience

Patients report the dome acts as a sound barrier to loud instruments and conversations providing a soothing background white noise. Less decibels than ultrasonic scalers and HVE. Easy to converse with team members.

Excellent Visual Clarity

The dome is made of clear plastic allowing dentists, hygienists, physicians, nurses and  assistants to have excellent visual clarity without distortion or glare; even when using lights and loupes.

Portable and Space-Efficent

The Perio Dome is large enough to work under and is on a sturdy, balanced cart with locking wheels, allowing easy maneuverability.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

The clear dome assembly is easy to clean between patients. If you prefer to change the dome a quick-release locking pin provides for simple removal and replacement. 

Chair Mount or Wall Mount Option

The Perio Dome can be mounted to a chair or wall for added convenience and workflow. Also features articulating joints for maximum movement for easy positioning over the patient.

Medical Cart Option

The Perio Dome comes standard on a compact sturdy medical cart with smooth locking wheels.

Cordless Operation

Features a battery pack providing your office with 6-hours of runtime before recharging. Less cords and clutter in the workspace.

New Standard of Care in Aerosol Protection

The Perio Dome offers Peace of Mind to your patients and team members and will elevate the safety standards to our profession.

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About the Creator

Dr. Lara Tull Ryan was born and raised in the Kansas City area. She completed her dental school training in the traditional four years earning her D.D.S. degree (Doctorate of Dental Surgery) at the University of Missouri-School of Dentistry in 1999. She also attended University of Missouri-Kansas City for her undergraduate education.

Dr. Ryan has an unique and diverse background obtaining not only one specialty certificate in Periodontics, the surgical specialty focusing on the treatment of periodontal disease and dental implant surgery, but another in Prosthodontics, a specialty in dentistry focusing on complex dental restorative treatment including dental implant restorations as well. She completed both of her dental residencies at one of the top five periodontal programs in the nation at the University of Florida- College of Dentistry, in Gainesville, Florida. She completed 4 ½ years of additional residency training beyond dental school, making her one of the only dual-trained dental specialists in the Kansas City area. She obtained a Certificate in Periodontics in 2003 and Master of Science in Dental Science with an emphasis on Periodontal Medicine in 2003. (The following is a link to her Master’s Thesis on dental implants and bone density with occlusal loading. Click Here.). She obtained a Fellowship certificate in Prosthodontics in 2001.

She limits her practice to Periodontics and has the knowledge and understanding that allows her to help communicate with her referring dentists and establish a cooperative treatment plan that is the best suited for each of her patients. She performs all aspects of periodontal surgery, the surgical placement of dental implantssinus liftssoft tissue and bone grafts, and tooth extractions. Dr. Ryan also has advanced training in Laser Periodontal Surgery for the treatment of Periodontal disease utilizing LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) with the Periolase laser. This allows for much faster healing time and less painful periodontal procedures.

Dr. Ryan is a member of several professional organizations and is a dedicated professional to her field. She is highly competent in her specialty and practices to the greatest standards with meticulous results and has the highest expectations of her work. She is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association, Kansas Dental Association, Fifth District Study Club of Johnson County, Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, Greater Kansas City Periodontal Study Club, Academy of Osseointegration, Midwest Society of Periodontists, Florida Association of Periodontists, and the past Vice-President of the Missouri and Kansas Society of Periodontists.

Lara Ryan, DDS, MS, PA



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